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Our experienced and knowledgeable laboratory experts perform the full tests required to allow for the retail sale of products.

Sample pickup to be available statewide

Advanced Technology

E-Labs has a high standard for precision and quality. We have multiple instruments and redundancies, allowing us to check consistency daily and provide precise, accurate, and repeatable results.

Our Testing Services

We offer a variety of testing services to provide an informative experience. We ensure that our clients will gain the knowledge they need to select the strain and dosage to achieve their desired effects and benefits.

Knowledgeable Staff

Our clients gain access to a unique network of published research scientists, content experts, consulting partners, and business leaders to accomplish the needs of even the most complex projects.

Quality Comes First

E-Labs maintains the highest level of quality in our work. Know that you can always count on our industry leading standards from our expert staff, testing equipment, certification requirements and more.

Why Choose E-Labs?

We offer Quality Assurance to ensure compliance before product placement at distributor. Why would you want to deal with product that will fail?

Quality Assurance Tests Available Now

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