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About E-Labs.

Our Scientists are Agricultural Industry World-Class Experts and California State Qualifed Professionals; in addition we are Doctorate Chemists with decades of analytical laboratory management.

In addition to required tests to allow for sale of your production we can monitor your crop for compliance. Early detection of contamination that can fail your crop will save grow time and expenses.

We guide you to producing a high yield, legally compliant crop. Many crops are not always tended to 24×7 by the financial owner and people who have access could cause irreparable damage.

The source of contamination could be the clones to start the grow. Some of the nutrients and pesticides used have illegal ingredients that can and do cause failure. We can test all these sources. With early warning you can take corrective action and salvage a growth cycle.

Pests may hitch a ride on workers clothes. We look for traces of pests using genetic analysis.

No surprises at harvest time.  A clean crop is healthy success for everyone.

Failure is costly.

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